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Healing Hot Hands
Swedish / Relaxing / Deep Tissue / Trigger Point / Hot Stones / Reiki Massages
Swedish / Relaxing / Deep Tissue / Trigger Point / Hot Stones / Reiki Massageshttps://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/029/954/large/Healing_Hands_Larger_1.jpg?142703696163.13GBP63.13999In stock
Swedish / Relaxing / Deep Tissue / Trigger Point / Hot Stones / Reiki Massages
Swedish / Relaxing / Deep Tissue / Trigger Point / Hot Stones / Reiki Massageshttps://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/029/955/large/Healing_Hands_Larger_1.jpg?142703696588.39GBP88.39999In stock
Healing Hot Hands
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Healing Hot Hands
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Hammersmith, Hammersmith & Fulham - Greater London, W6
Alex Cain
Healing Hot Hands

I am qualified in the following Holistic therapies all of these I can perform to a very high standard having studied extensively at the London School of Massage.

Swedish Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Trigger Point Therapy | Hot and Cold Stones Massage | Reiki (energy healing)

Why Choose Us

I work at the Chelsea Day Spa as a therapist I am an Intuitive massage therapist who is more interested in helping, healing and results then time and money. :)

Our Guarantees

I can guarantee you will receive a bespoke personalized treatment from me every time and I will always be very thorough in my massages ensuring great results :)

About Us

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So, my name’s Alex Cain I am 26 years old and I am a very chilled out person who loves life and at present am finding it a very peaceful happy place to be. I have been on two 1 year travelling stints, on the first I travelled to America, Fiji, New z, Oz, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bali and India.

While I was away my eyes were truly opened as to what life is like outside of the UK and I had some of the most incredible experiences and met some amazing people, it really made me change my attitude towards life. Prior my driving factor was money I wanted to be a millionaire, afterwards I just wanted to help people being that I have lived such a blessed privileged life. My second trip with this in mind started with my plans to help, so I went to Mexico to volunteer at a day care centre for kids who have unfortunate living conditions. I volunteered for 3 months and it was amazing this kind of work is not only healing for the kids but for everyone involved. After I travelled the rest of Mexico and it was there that I became more aware, more conscious and spiritual THANK YOU MEXICO.

At present I work as a massage therapist at the Chelsea Day Spa and also I am working / training to be a mentor for people with intimacy issues. Before this I worked in banking/broking since leaving school at 17.

I play rugby, love fishing and enjoy going to the gym I am also in the very early stages of practicing meditation and obviously am very interested in learning about and experiencing new cultures.


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