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Counselling and Psychotherapy
Initial Consultation
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50 Minute Session
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Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Enfield, Enfield - Greater London, EN1
Deena Ramkhelawon
Counselling and Psychotherapy

I have worked and trained in the mental health field for nearly a decade, offering support and guidance to those dealing with common life problems as well as psychological issues.

Why Choose Us

Clients will have someone that will listen to them without feeling judged. Their confidence will increase as the sessions develop therapeutically.

Our Guarantees

* Clients can feel empathised with and accepted * Clients remain anonymous & everything is confidential, unless there is serious harm to self and or others


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - Level 4
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - Level 4
University of East London / Bachelor of Science (with Upper Division Honours) in Psychology
University of East London / Bachelor of Science (with Upper Division Honours) in Psychology

About Us

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Often life can present us with challenging issues that can be difficult to deal with. I offer a warm, accepting, empathic and non-judgmental environment for those who wish to explore their concerns and issues. I have helped many individuals by facilitating the therapeutic process in a way that has enabled them to find the solutions to their problems.

My role is to help you to enhance your self awareness, boost your self esteem/confidence, and offer you a trusting environment for you to explore your feelings and emotions without judgement. By forming a therapeutic relationship with a counsellor, one can begin their journey whether it is to find the answers they are looking for, to heal, to gain clarity and/or to enhance their confidence. My life experience and training have allowed me to develop a unique way of working that has enabled clients to feel accepted and empathised with.

As I am an Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist, I integrate the key concepts from the three major theoretical approaches; Psychodynamic, Humanistic and CBT. The integration forms a new approach and the fundamental aspect of the approach is for the sessions to be client-led. By gaining an insight into your internal world I endeavour to facilitate therapeutic movement in the sessions.

It can be quite daunting coming to terms with any issues, emotions/feelings, and even more overwhelming trying to find the right therapist. Contacting someone who is professional, who offers confidentiality and a trusting environment can be the first step to alleviating the issues and concerns that distress you. I am aware that each experience is unique to each individual and therefore my empathic nature will enable me to enter your frame of reference without judgement.

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