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Giorgio Curcetti Guitar, oud, bass lessons
Giorgio Curcetti guitar teacher
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Giorgio Curcetti Guitar, oud, bass lessons
  • Learning & Improvement > Music Lessons
Giorgio Curcetti Guitar, oud, bass lessons
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  • Learning & Improvement > Music Lessons
Mitcham, Merton - Greater London, CR4
Giorgio Curcetti
Giorgio Curcetti Guitar, oud, bass lessons

Very cheap lessons for guitar, oud, bass, Arab-Andalus mandole and bouzouki. Any level, any age, anytime, anywhere. Learn that instrument of your dreams and play it in no time. Impress friends and significant others and learn a valuable skill. You are the best. You need the best? Now get the best!!!

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I've a solid track record of unblemished, utter success with students. Can travel and tailor-make the lesson to suit individual needs. Outstanding references.

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I'm punctual, professional, nice and have an easy-going attitude which will make the lesson a real pleasure. I am affable and have a way with people of any age.

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I had a very long and distinguished career in the music business, with records, tours, videos, press, the whole lot. 35 years experience at the highest level (signed to Virgin, EMI and Chrysalis amongst others), and been in the top ten of the Independent British Charts many times, and even had the honour to get a session with the great, unforgotten John Peel. My records have been on the radio, British, European and American alike. I am currently collaborating with big names of the music world and dabbling in film soundtracks, as well as performing as a solo artist with the oud. Can play every music genre under the sun: Classic Rock, Indie, Experimental, Funk, World/Ethnic, Blues, Country, Jazz, Easy Listening and Commercial, Dance, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Jungle, Folk, Flamenco, some Classical and everything in between. This for my career and for my technical capabilities. The thing about my teaching is that I can take a raw beginner with zero experience on the instrument and can get him/her to play on the very first lesson. Moreover, if you are already a player with some experience, I can enhance it and present you with different facets of the technique that would have never otherwise occurred to you. As well as the strictly instrumental tuition, I will also teach you how to analyse a whole ensemble and their different roles, so that you will get a holistic view of the music performance. I work mostly with YOUR favourite kind of music. That is, you are actively encouraged to choose and bring me the music that you want to play, and I will then help you to learn it, at the same time teaching you the independence of ear needed so that, some time down the line, you will be able to do that all on your own. But I can give only the tools to do so, presented in the best imaginable way. I cannot stress enough how you need to do the practice yourself, as little as 20 minutes a day ideally. The results speak for themselves: I got kids who, after a few months of lessons with me, got tremendously accomplished. One of them learned all the chords in a couple of months and he’s employing his own originality to make music on the solid foundations I gave him, which I always encourage, and another one has turned into a little mean lead guitarist with a great ear for a killer riff, If I may say so myself! You will get all this and more, and you’ll have fun doing it! Let’s face it, there’s nothing than impresses people more than being able to play an instrument, and with me as a teacher you will be able to do just that in a very short time, and by the same token you’ll widen your horizons because I’ll introduce you constantly to new players, techniques and attitudes, and you will also understand how the dynamics of a band work. All this for only £20 per lesson, which technically lasts an hour, but me being very flexible with time, it can last as long as needed to complete the topic to your satisfaction. Travel expenses reimbursed. Can provide outstanding references.


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