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James Huxley Yoga
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James Huxley Yoga
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James Huxley Yoga
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Stoke Newington, Hackney - Greater London, N16
James Huxley
James Huxley Yoga

James teaches Akhanda yoga. Sometimes sweat inducing. Sometimes deep and meditative. Always restorative. Always fun.

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Qualification: Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour teacher training in holistic and Akhanda Yoga levels 1, 2 and prenatal.

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The first time James saw that handstands were a yoga posture, was the moment he knew yoga was something he was really going to enjoy studying. So while he struggled with tight hamstrings, a short attention span, limited flexibility and difficulty in remaining still, it was the idea of being able to balance in precarious postures that kept him on his mat, and coming back to class.

It then took a couple of years regular practice before he realised he was less stressed, having less confrontations with difficult colleagues and generally living a better quality of life. That’s when he gave up his job in music and went to Rishikesh to train to be a yoga teacher. 

James studied Akhanda Yoga under Yogrishi Vishvketu at the Yoga Alliance accredited World Conscious Yoga Family. Akhanda means unity, so James’ classes contain breath work, and moments of quiet and inner enquiry, as well as the flows and postures often associated with yoga. And Savasna. 

James often teaches with music, spending almost as much time sourcing the music as he does preparing the classes. Almost. Each class will be based around an individual theme, aiming to bring traditional yogic science to a modern day audience, and James strives to teach honestly with a sense of fun.


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