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Life Coaching
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Nyree Phillips

I have been offering Life Coaching services for nine years covering the art of self love, value, personal development, relationship issues, family matters, parenting issues, forgiveness, employment goals, Aspiration barriers and building self esteem.

Why Choose Us

I have been practicing the art of life coaching for 9 years and have facilitated many centers, helping people get over their issues and mental barriers.

Our Guarantees

• 100% Confidentual • Always on time • Deal with any situation positively •

About Us

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Hello, my name is Nyree. I became very much interested in the unleashing The Art of Positive Thinking Healing and Well Being. Waking up one morning after having a stroke at a young age 16years ago. Not realising at the time it was the beginning of the most fabulous journey I was about to embark on and a journey I would use to heal myself back to well being also go on to work with different kinds of people from all walks of life to unleashing the power of Positive Thinking. Knowledge was my best friend because the more I learned about Spirituality it then would lead me on to learning about Ancient and Present Philosophies I was like a child in a sweet shop overwhelmed with excitement about learning new things so I continued on this amazing journey of being Open and Embracing new things and being excited about what I had learned and excepting my inner beauty. A year later One morning it was as if buy Magic my face and well being was back. I was absolutely delighted went retail shopping I was healed I’m BACK,I celebrated and celebrated then had my first child. A welcoming parenthood surprise shock to my system but the most beautiful lessons in LOVE and unconditional too. Going to children to our local children’s i meet lots of likewise single parents and shared my practices and teachings by chance started up a group then needed to qualified so I started my counselling.

I Specialize in:
• Metaphysics
• Love"& falling In love with Life
• Spirituality & Positive Affirmations
• Positive Thinking/ Personal Development
• Self Approval
• Confidence & Self Esteem
• Forgiveness & Letting Go
• Overcoming Past Belief Systems
• Self Motivational Tools
• Goals & Aspirations
• Welcoming Change/
• Resistance to Change
• Overcoming Fear
• Anger Management
• Relaxation/ Breathing Techniques
• Visualization & Inner Peace
For Mind Body & Soul
• Unemployment/ Employment barriers
• Family Matters
• Parenting Issues/ Positive Parenting
• Family Dynamics
• Childhood Experiences
• Relationships
• Facilitating Positive & Motivational workshops/Groups
• Mentoring
• Inspirational Writing

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