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Life Coaching (specialising in alcohol and addictions)
Life Coaching (specialising in alcohol and addictions)https://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/029/214/large/phone_pics_333.jpg?142703399260.0GBP60.0999In stock
Life Coaching (specialising in alcohol & addictions
Life Coaching (specialising in alcohol & addictionshttps://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/029/239/large/Capture.jpg?14270340600.0GBP0.0999In stock
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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31
peter titcomb

If you want something to change you have to do something different !! You have probably heard or read this somewhere before. However it is true. Don’t hesitate to message me today to get the help you deserve to change your life. Get on the Right Path!!

Why Choose Us

I am a down to earth result driven individual with a wealth of life experience under my belt who will rapidly get your life moving in the right direction.

Our Guarantees

What I will guarantee you is that coaching will bring about by way of change new and congruent experiences of which you will want more !!



University of Warwick - Open Studies Diploma in Coaching
University of Warwick - Open Studies Diploma in Coaching
University of Warwick - Open Studies Diploma in Counselling Skills
University of Warwick - Open Studies Diploma in Counselling Skills

About Us

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Hi, I am Peter. I am a member of the Association of Coaching and have studied at Warwick University for three years, culminating in a Diploma in Coaching.

However its not all about qualifications; I liken them to good housekeeping, the best results are gained when a safe and supportive environment exists, coupled with accurate empathy, non possessive warmth, authenticity and genuineness.

“Learn your theories and techniques as well as you can, and then be prepared to set them aside when you meet the miracle of the living soul in front of you”

I believe these to be critical in providing the right environment for facilitating change. My approach is solution focussed and person centred thus allowing you the coachee to explore and realise your goals, then going on to achieve them.

I have first hand knowledge of where alcohol and drugs can take you culminating in a three month visit to rehab. I have, with the help of many others, turned a massive negative in my life into a huge positive and used the experience as a springboard for the rest of my life.

My addictions bought about many and varied life experiences which are turning out to be most advantageous as I embark upon a new path where getting someone to be the best and turn their life around they can be is very exciting and most rewarding.

Apart from coaching and mentoring people, I have also been a Samaritan and currently am working for the recovery partnership in a voluntary role helping others get there lives back on track. I have supervision every 4 weeks, attend a co-coaching forum every 4 weeks and attend various coaching seminars. I am constantly seeking out and reading books , articles and the likes on and around this subject.

I also attend the occasional online course to further my continued personal development. I believe this to be instrumental in keeping my practice fresh and me on top of my game.

My favoured form of coaching is face to face however I can and will facilitate coaching by way of Skype or telephone.

There is no time like the present so pick the phone up and start changing your life, you deserve this !!!

I want whoever reads this to fully understand how important confidentiality means to me, in my practice confidentiality means just that. it is something I take very seriously.

Remember “The revolution starts from within” Gloria Steinem.


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