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Yann, French Hairstylist
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Yann, French Hairstylist
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Yann, French Hairstylist
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  • Beauty > Hair Dressing
London, City of London - Greater London, EC4A
Yann Clemence
Yann, French Hairstylist

Hello Ladies, Hello Gentleman. You want an hairstyle for an event, a party or just for pleasure ? I’m here for you. I also offer hair cutting service. I take my experience to Toni&Guy France and the French fashion studios. I’m available at any time for you.

Our Guarantees

I recommend relative to your style, I teach you how to style your hair and I have a french accent !

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I come from to Paris. I was able to work with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Marithé Girbaud, Antonio Ortega and many others.

I came to London to bring the art of French hairdresser in London and especially for you clients.

I am at your service whenever you want


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