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Trilingual Translation, Editing/Proofreading and Copywriting
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Trilingual Translation, Editing/Proofreading and Copywriting
  • Writing & Translation > Document Translation
Trilingual Translation, Editing/Proofreading and Copywriting
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  • Writing & Translation > Document Translation
London, London, N11
Yevgeniya E Marmer
Trilingual Translation, Editing/Proofreading and Copywriting

Qualitative Translation in German, Russian, English
Competent Editing and Proofreading in German, English, Russian
Creative Copywriting in German, English, Russian
Academic and Marketing Research
Creation of academic and creative articles and essays/papers
Tutoring in German and Russian

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I grew up bilingually with German and Russian and live in London, UK now, thus I am trilingual – I command the English, German and Russian languages all on a native level. With over eight years experience in the translation, editing and copywriting industry, I offer any services in the linguistics area.


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