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Mindfulness & Self-Esteem Coaching
Mindfulness & Self-Esteem Skype Coaching
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Mindfulness & Self-Esteem One-on-one Coaching
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Mindfulness & Self-Esteem Coaching
  • Emotional Wellbeing > Confidence & Self Esteem
Mindfulness & Self-Esteem Coaching
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  • Emotional Wellbeing > Confidence & Self Esteem
London, City of London - Greater London, EC4A
Aleksandra Cichuta
Mindfulness & Self-Esteem Coaching

Personally tailored one-on-one coaching sessions over Skype or appointments, helping you to become the person you want to be.
You will strengthen your self-esteem and acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, you will calmly accept who you are and unleash your inner potential.

Why Choose Us

No blueprints used. You are a unique individual and you deserve to be treated as one. Coaching you receive is designed for your specific needs and circumstances

Our Guarantees

The end of compromising your true self and the beginning of getting life results your heart desires.


Disclosure and Barring Service
Disclosure and Barring Service
London Metropolitan University - MA Diploma in Human Resource And Development
London Metropolitan University - MA Diploma in Human Resource And Development
University of Lodz - MA Diploma in Psychology
University of Lodz - MA Diploma in Psychology

About Us

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The self-esteem and mindfulness coaching is offered and personally delivered by Aleksandra Cichuta, a certified Life Coach and Psychologist.

Aleksandra is working directly with her clients, through her personal development and life coaching practice, helping to:

  • become aware of your own emotions and thoughts at present moment
  • learn to accept and like yourself
  • improve self-confidence
  • attract anything you want into your life.

Such self realization and self-love process results in having a control over one’s thoughts as opposed to being a victim of own thinking patterns. This leads to unleashing one’s inner power and ability to use this potential to create stress-free life, filled with healthy loving relationships and desired personal, professional, financial and health results.

Aleksandra fell in love with psychology of human behavior and a power of unconscious mind, when she has attended a psychological workshop, at the age of 17. In 2003 she completed MA in Psychology and has been helping people to get desired life results ever since.

Aleksandra has started her professional journey as a vocational psychologist and has worked in trainings and development, designing and delivering soft skills trainings to management and business owners. She the moved to recruitment consulting, where she was supporting people’s career development. She was very successful at building teams and guiding professionals through the interviews process.

Nevertheless, it was not enough. She wanted to help on a deeper level and work with individuals who struggle to be in tune with their self, who wanted to be happy about who they are and how they live their lives.

In 2009 Aleksandra has opened her private life coaching practice. Initially focused on career development, she has realized that her true strength lies in helping people to restore their self-love and confidence. She is now focusing on guiding people through the ways of building happy and balanced life, starting with self-awareness and learning mindfulness.

Aleksandra is a Life Coach that likes to work with people committed to make a positive change in their life, individuals who want more from life, greater happiness, emotional balance, better sense of achievement, more success, more money, more joy and less stress.

Her mission is to help people to eliminate all their inner barriers, which block the way to their happiness, fulfilment and desired life results.

“Whatever happy life means to you I am here to help you design it. Simply because I see the magnificent YOU!” – Aleksandra Cichuta -


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