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Singing lessons in London!
Singing Lesson
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Singing lessons in London!
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Singing lessons in London!
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London, City of London - Greater London, EC4A
Alexandre Carrasqueira
Singing lessons in London!

Professional singing lessons in London !
Learn how to improve your voice by the very first lesson and with simple exercices. I work on extreme singing such as belting or distortion.
I am specialized in musical theatre.

Why Choose Us

I studied vocal anatomy and pedagogy for two years with former musical theatre actor and Roay School student Allan Wright.

Our Guarantees

I guarantee a change in my student voice from the very first lesson. I always take a path towards healthy singing. Even while belting!

About Us

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I am Alex , professional singer and vocal coach.
I studied anatomy of the voice and pedagogy with former musical theatre actor Allan Wright for two years.
This anatomy-based method allows me to know exactly what’s going on with my student’s voices. I am able to fix tensions or discomfort easely, and make them achieve the sound they want in a healthy way.

All styles are welcomed, since I believe that no style is better than anoter ( yes, even Opera!). My students always chose what they want to sing and I help them get there. I teach extreme singing such as belting, very popular among my students these days.


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