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Shepherd Tone Production
Video Editing
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Shepherd Tone Production
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Shepherd Tone Production
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London, London, SW11
andrei Pacuraru
Shepherd Tone Production

Services that can be provided:
Video Production, Cinematography, Photography, Location Sound Recording, Film&Video Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Post Production, Music Mixing and Mastering

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My broad expertise in most of the fields of production assures a stress free process, with quality end results.

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My previous work is testament of my dedication to the projects I work on. I am a dynamic perfectionist who won't stop until the client's needs are not fulfilled

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Hey, my name is Andrei Pacuraru (Andrew for convenience), and I am a London based film editor and producer with over four years of experience, during which I have worked on a vast selection of projects ranging from Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos to Corporate and Event Videos, my work being broadcasted commercially and successful in the international festival circuit, accomplishing even a selection in the short film corner at the “Cannes Film festival”. I went to “I.L. Caragiale” National Film and Dramatic Arts Academy where I was awarded a degree in Film Editing and Sound with honours. During the course of my degree I took cinematography and photography electives.

Before London I worked in a similar position as a freelance Film Professional in Romania on a project basis fulfilling Editing, Cinematography, Sound Recording/Mixing, Boom Operation, 1’st AC and Directorial duties on projects centered around platforms such as: HDSLR’s, BlackMagic, Sony PMW-EX, Sony NEX and RED and sound equipment from all the major manufacturers.

The various jobs I performed previously give me an in-depth view on all the stages of production, from concept to execution and delivery. Adding to that you may also benefit from my secondary skills such as Sound Design and Mixing, Music Mixing and Mastering, 2D Compositing, Graphics and Location Sound Recording.

I am versed in the current Adobe CC package and have working knowledge of the DaVinci Resolve, AVID Media Composer and Final Cut Pro platforms.

My belief is that I might be just the right asset for your projects due to the broadness of my expertise and my continuous drive to learn and get a better understanding of film as a means of entertainment and art.


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