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Pencil Portraits by Ania Gutek
Pencil Portraits by Ania Gutek
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Pencil Portraits by Ania Gutek
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  • Creative > Artist & Painting
Ania Gutek
Pencil Portraits by Ania Gutek

I am Ania Gutek – an Artist. I create pencil portraits of children, adults and pets based on your special photos. Unique, handcrafted and personalised; Pencil portraits make the perfect gift!

There is no better time than today to celebrate the important people and moments in your life

Why Choose Us

I am an artist who loves to draw people and make them happy. My goal is to draw them like a photo and show their beauty. I put all my effort to make it.

About Us

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Hello and Welcome to my shop!

I’m Ania and I’ve been drawing since I was a child.

Art is my passion and I love creating pencil portraits of people, pets and happy memories.

From a photo, I will create a unique and personal piece of art for you to keep and treasure, or to give as a beautiful gift.

My very first drawings were of horses and 7 years later I started to draw people.

I attended the University of Marii Curie Sklodowskiej (Lubin, Poland), completing my studies in the field of applied art in 2003.

My work has been displayed in exhibitions in Poland and Scotland. My passion is drawing people and expressing their lives in my work.

I am on the register of The Association of Polish Artist And Designers, and recognised by the European Union.

I look forward to working with you and capturing your special moments.


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