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Annie Fontaine Life Coach
1 Hour Session
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1 Hour Session - When 10 Sessions are Booked
1 Hour Session - When 10 Sessions are Bookedhttps://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/029/494/large/screenshot.1816.jpg?142703532060.0GBP60.0999In stock
Annie Fontaine Life Coach
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Annie Fontaine Life Coach
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  • Health & Fitness > Therapy & Counselling
Clapham, Lambeth - Greater London, SW4
Annie fontaine
Annie Fontaine Life Coach

Life coaching and counselling from the comfort of your home or in a mutually convenient venue. We cover Clapham, Richmond ( London ) and all the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us

We don't judge, we just guide you. Confidentiality is of the highest priority to us. The sessions are informal and comfortable.

Our Guarantees

We get the results needed and in good time. We are affordable for all walks of life.


About Us

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Annie Fontaine life coaching and counselling Clapham is designed to help you find the right path in your personal or professional life.

  • Confidence Building – Lack of confidence is something we all suffer from on occasion. However when it starts to affect your work or personal life it becomes an issue
  • Back to Work – Going back to work can be a frightening experience. You have those thoughts going through your mind. Am I good enough? Have I forgotten anything? What should I wear?
  • Weight Loss – To be successful in losing weight we need to examine all areas of life because they are all connected
  • Relationships – Relationships have a huge impact on our everyday lives
  • Motivation – Motivation goes hand in hand with dreams and ambition, and if you are struggling with lack of ambition and dreams then that means that your motivation is absent too.
  • Accepting Change – We provide Life coaching to explore how people talk to one another and treat each other in their daily lives in all situations. Through this we discover how to bring about positive change to make your life more pleasurable and successful.
  • Relaxation – Are you stressed? If you are you may feel tired all the time, demotivated, lose your appetite, feel depressed, but more seriously are at risk of high blood pressure, strokes, and psychological disorders.

Our philosophy is underpinned by the conviction that we all possess innate, unlimited potential which if we can only realise it, has the power to transform ourselves and therefore every aspect of our lives.

We aim to build confidence, create ambition, help with stress and we offer life coaching and counselling in Richmond, Clapham and the surrounding areas. Working with a fully qualified coach means working with an expert facilitator of change.

You may wish to improve a specific area of your life, for example, to practise better stress management or perhaps you envisage more thoroughgoing change such as deciding on a new life direction.
Accomplishing radical change will entail examination of emotional health and well-being, energy levels, relationships, skills and talents.

This will involve anchoring your hopes and dreams for a vibrant future to the present, as this is the exact point at which your future begins and changes start happening. Even if you are looking for nothing more than a chance to talk openly and in safety, change will result and with it, the opportunity to live your life with greater authenticity and purpose.

So if you are ready to make a positive change in your life contact Annie today for your free 30 minutes counselling consultation.


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