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MAN with a HAT
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music video
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wedding video
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MAN with a HAT
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MAN with a HAT
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London, City of London - Greater London, EC4A
Edgars Blumbergs
MAN with a HAT

Be it a photo or a video I find it exciting to amaze models what a little technology, a little light and a fun person with open mind and interesting view on things can do, and searching for the perfect shots is a continuous and endless adventure.

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Ever since the day my dad bought me a camera when I was a teenager, moving picture has been a big part of my life.

My favorite audiovisual format is documentary and short movies. I find that within this format comes the most focused specific little tales filled with emotions. And usually the most fulfilling part of these projects is to be part of the story that I am telling at the moment, be it a wedding, a festival or a kid’s birthday party. To me making a movie like that feels like the best way to live trough the event at hand.


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