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Cardio Pulse Wave Screening
30 Minute Home Visit Non-Invasive Cardio Screening
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Cardio Pulse Wave Screening
  • Body Wellness > Blood Pressure
Cardio Pulse Wave Screening
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  • Body Wellness > Blood Pressure
Greenford, Ealing - Greater London, UB6
Steve Campbell
Cardio Pulse Wave Screening

Blood Pressure is not enough. Our aim is to raise cardiovascular awareness for all individuals and provide peace of mind about your cardiovascular health. A non-invasive 40 sec pain free vascular screening provides information that can help identify problems before they become life threatening.

Why Choose Us

On offer to You * Cardiovascular Screening at an affordable price * Flexible home screening appointments *No Doctor’s referral required to book a screening

Our Guarantees

Find out how old your heart Is In 60 seconds Instant printed copy of your results is provided to share with your GP Fully qualified practitioners

About Us

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It is Cardio Pulse Wave Screening’s desire to raise individual awareness of their cardiovascular health, bring affordable screenings to the high street and help prevent up to 9,500 heart attacks and strokes in the UK each year.

Our vision is providing a service with the following benefits:

  • Provide a home-based screening programme
  • Identifying at-risk patients for appropriate intervention

We will provide a quick, non-invasive screening that gives near instant results for:

  • Central blood pressure. This has been shown to relate more strongly to vascular disease than traditional upper arm blood pressure.
  • Vascular age. The age of your heart. A person whose vascular age is older than his or her chronological age may be at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.
  • Arterial stiffness. The stiffness of arteries influences how hard the heart has to work to pump blood through the body.
  • Augmentation index. Is a sensitive marker of the state of your arteries.
  • Heart rhythm. This can easily identify arrhythmias or irregularly heart rhythm and pulse pressure variations.
  • Blood pressure. An routine part of a typical BP+ measurement.

We produce comprehensive cardiovascular status from a standard blood pressure cuff. This been clinically validated to be accurate and repeatable. A printed copy of the results is provided that clearly explains the level of your cardiovascular health using state-of-the-art equipment.

Cardio Pulse Wave Screening London has a clear aim in identifying at-risk patients for appropriate intervention and we are ready to work with local GP practices and Primary Care Organisations to deliver these screenings with a proven cost-effective service at community-based locations. We are also supporters of the British Heart Foundation.


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