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5 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes
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London, Greater London, W6
Lorenzo Fraquelli

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school based in Chiswick, with top instruction and a great vibe. Great way to get in shape and a great self defence skill to learn in a fun, relaxed environment. Why not come and try a free class?

Why Choose Us

Personal approach to teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We are a small school and care about each of our students and want you to achieve your goals.

Our Guarantees

A fun time and a challenge that will get you hooked to learn more.


Disclosure & Barring Service
Disclosure & Barring Service

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ChiswickBJJ was started in May 2013 by Lorenzo Fraquelli a black belt under Roger Gracie. The goal was to create a martial arts school that was more about fun as a way of learning. We still enjoy competing and training hard but not at the expense of enjoyment.

If you have never heard of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it is a ground based grappling art, the idea being to control and submit your opponent. It evolved out of Japanese Jiu Jitsu and was developed in Brazil. It is a great art for getting in shape as well as for self defence on top of being a mentally challenging discipline which has been described as human chess.

The first class is free and if you like you can buy 5 classes on this page to get a better understanding of our art. We can lend you the gi (uniform) and teach you the basics, soon enough you will be ready to jump right in and have a go at sparring. If you have any questions just come along to our website and we would be more than happy to answer them. Look forward to seeing you in class.


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