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Cover Fitness - Adam Stansbury
1 Personal Training Session
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1 Personal Training Session
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3 Personal Training Sessions
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Cover Fitness - Adam Stansbury
  • Diet & Nutrition > Healthy Eating
Cover Fitness - Adam Stansbury
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  • Diet & Nutrition > Healthy Eating
293 Fulham Rd, London SW10
Adam Stansbury
Cover Fitness - Adam Stansbury

Hi I’m Adam Stansbury, a Fat Loss and Nutrition Coach, Founder of Cover Fitness and ‘Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year 2013’.

Why Choose Us

In the physical sense I can offer you an elite level, professional and knowledgeable coaching service blended with an empathetic and experienced approach.

Our Guarantees

A full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results achieved within the first 30 days using my services.


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Verified REP

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Whether you are Overweight and don’t know where to go next, Frustrated that you can’t get the body you’ve always wanted, Suffering from Digestive Discomfort and don’t know where to turn or Competing in your first physique show and need the experience, advice and support of a good online coach then I have a suitable package for you.

I’m the only fat loss and nutrition coach with knowledge and personal experience ranging from digestive illnesses, fitness modelling, physique show competing to client body transformations.

As a result my clients lose lb’s of body fat and get into their best physical shape by applying consistency and commitment using a natural and healthy nutritional system that avoids bad habits and quick fixes, focussing on getting the basics right.

Unlike other coaches I focus on the right nutrition and training protocols for YOU. I don’t force clients into a standard program or nutritional plan. Clients who use Cover Fitness Coaching can be assured they are getting a bespoke service to deal with their specific goals. Giving you the necessary steps and tools to achieve your Lean Physique goal whatever it may be.

As a result the 100′s of clients I have directly worked with receive laser focused, specific coaching on how to get their body into the shape the shape of their lives.

In short, clients achieve their Lean Physique … FAST!

Why I focus on coaching clients on fat loss and nutrition

To give you a basic understanding on why I decided to focus solely on coaching nutrition and fat loss, I’ll give you some of my background.

I was a chubby teenager and teased on a couple of occasions by my teachers of all people, which although negative at the time, gave me a huge amount of drive into wanting to improve my body so that I could never be teased again. I learnt quickly that good eating habits were key to my physical confidence and happiness.

In 2006 I was critically ill with Ulcerative Colitus, an autoimmune disease which attacked and blocked my large intestine, leaving me needing to have it completely removed and rebuilt over 2 years and 4 operations. Needless to say this taught me a lot about not only the body’s digestive system but how we react to stress from our environments and the damaging effect it can have on our lives, if not kept under control.

I was a full time model for 6 years and had to focus every day on healthy eating and regular training to maintain a vibrant look and consistent physical condition, this gave me a good basic understanding of the effect nutrition has on optimum body composition.

I’ve competed in 5 natural physique shows and understand the hard work and detailed consistent commitment, needed to support both mental and physical aspects of physique competing with good nutrition being at the core of this process.


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