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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OneNear?

OneNear is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell products and services. Payments are securely exchanged and only released when the job is done. Join OneNear to:

  • Find trusted, rated and reliable professionals
  • Discover new local services and learn new skills
  • Post jobs and increase your free time
  • Finish those jobs you never started

Browse our Service Directory or Browse Shops to search for Shop Fronts near you.

Is OneNear free?

OneNear is free to join, free to list products and services on Shop Fronts, and free to post jobs. We deduct a small fee for successfully completed jobs and orders.

Shop Fronts

What is a Shop Front?

A Shop Front Profile is a powerful business profile that empowers anyone to sell their products and services locally and online. Shop Fronts are mini ecommerce site all wrapped up into a social media profile. You can outsource jobs, purchase products directly, or use the booking calendar to schedule a time that suits you.

How can I buy things from OneNear Shop Fronts?

You can outsource your jobs using the job proposal system and you can also purchase services or products directly from Shop Fronts.

To add items to your shopping basket and buy direct browse our Shop Fronts.

What are Stars and Smiles ratings?

When a Shop Front completes a job or order you can leave Stars and Smiles ratings:

  • Stars rate the quality and outcome; did it meet your expectations?
  • Smiles rate the person; would you hire them again?

If a Shop Front cancels a job or order after you’ve paid you can also leave feedback (you will receive a refund).


How does job posting work?

Job posting is simple and you receive notifications by email, so you’ll always know what’s going on. Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit a new job
  2. We notify suitable Shop Fronts based on their location and skill
  3. You receive proposals and choose your favourite
  4. We charge your card before assigning the job to the winning Shop Front
  5. When the job is complete you release payment and leave a rating
What if I don't receive any proposals and my job expires?

Your job will automatically expire at the end time you specified, if you received proposals you can still select a Shop Front after it has expired.

Alternatively rather than entering all the details again, you can clone the job (we copy everything into a new one for you) and then you can resubmit it.

What's a discreet job?

A discreet job can only be viewed by registered Shop Fronts. The job isn’t publicly viewable by buyers or unregistered users on the site.

What's a virtual job?

A virtual job doesn’t require you to enter a location. For example, asking someone to do internet research doesn’t require them to come to your home.

Security & Privacy

Can everyone see my personal details?

During the job proposal process OneNear Shop Fronts can only see the information you enter into the job. We mask your location by putting a circle onto a map that (for your privacy) shows your location within 1.2km (you can move the circle when you create the job).

When you select a Shop Front from the job proposal page you have the option of sharing more information with them, for example you could share your mobile number, address, or both. On the proposal page you can click ‘Messages’ in each proposal box to privately communicate with the Shop Front.

Is my personal information safe?

All communication between your computer, phone or tablet and OneNear is protected using high-grade 128-bit encryption. Your credit card data is encrypted and processed by our secure PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment provider. We conduct regular tests, and take your security and privacy very seriously.

We’ve been through an extensive vetting process to achieve Extended Validation SSL certificates, which is why you will always see the green validation bar when browsing our web site. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioners Office in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1198.

How are sellers vetted?

All sellers must complete a mandatory four step Seller Verification process to receive payments. We do not approve applications unless we’re satisfied they are suitable to join OneNear. The seller verification status can be viewed by clicking the tick icon on any Shop Front tool bar. The following icons are displayed:

  • ID (Badge) – We have verified the sellers identity
  • Phone (SMS) – We have verified the sellers UK mobile number
  • Bank (Account) – We have verified the sellers UK bank account
  • Face (OneNear Application) – The seller has been approved by OneNear to launch a Shop Front
  • Student Hat (Student) – We have verified the seller is a student from an approved university
  • Shield (Background) – The seller has undergone criminal background checks
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Why launch a OneNear Shop Front?

Launching a OneNear Shop Front has many benefits, including:

  • Free and simple to use ecommerce site with no hosting charges (for life)
  • Free promotion, marketing and customer matching
  • Free shopping basket, checkout page and OneNear merchant account (for life)
  • Get paid straight into your bank account
  • OneNear iPhone App to sell direct
  • Free gallery to showcase your past work
  • Free online booking system and social media integration
  • Free personal web address, like: OneNear.com/YourShopFront
  • Customisable Shop Front profile with free templates and themes
  • No adverts on your Shop Front profiles (ever)
  • Trusted ratings from real customers
  • Instant email notifications and messaging
  • Customers pay with credit cards, you keep track of earnings in your personal dashboard

My Shop Front

How do I join?

Joining and launching your Shop Front on OneNear is easy:

  1. Register and complete our simple Seller Verification process
  2. Create your Shop Front
  3. We review and approve your application (usually within an hour)
  4. Your Shop Front profile is public and you’re good to go!
How much does it cost?

It’s free to launch a Shop Front and list products and services. We take a 15% (exc. VAT) service charge from each transaction (we’re completely transparent so you always know exactly what you’ll earn). Included in the fees is a complete business support team, from marketing to technology:

  • Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and marketing
  • Banking fees (for charging and transferring your earnings)
  • Email and SMS charges
  • Online maps and geo-location systems
  • Customer services and technical support
  • Website and mobile app development, and new features
  • Secure server hosting for Shop Fronts
  • Shop Front customisation and improvements

We have a lifetime ‘No Sale, No Fee’ guarantee, so you’ll never pay anything to list your services and keep your Shop Front open.

How do I sell products and services through my Shop Front?

The power of an ecommerce site, the simplicity of OneNear, you can sell anything in minutes:

  • Local Services – Customers can check your availability before booking
  • Online Services – Online only services (like internet research)
  • Bookable Services – Customers can book direct in your calendar
  • Products – Sell products and we’ll collect the delivery address

You can submit proposals for jobs – we match jobs to your Shop Front and send you automated notifications.

How do I customise my Shop Front?

It takes minutes to personalise your Shop Front and make it look great, just visit the Customisation page:

  • Templates – Change the layout of your Shop Front
  • Colours – Change the colour scheme of your Shop Front
  • Backgrounds – Choose from a gallery of free backgrounds

We are always adding more, and if you have any ideas let us know.


How does the seller verification process work?

Sellers must complete an easy four step registration vetting process that takes a few minutes:

  1. We electronically verify your identity and address (so you can receive payments)
  2. We verify your UK mobile number by sending a unique code to you
  3. We verify your UK bank account and sort code (so we can pay you)
  4. You answer a couple of questions (e.g. what do you plan to sell)
How long will it take to get approved?

We want you to get started as quickly as possible so we’ll do everything we can to approve your request. If we have any questions we’ll contact you, otherwise we aim to approve your application within the hour.

Why do you perform seller verification?

Every OneNear Shop Front comes complete with the ability to charge customers and receive payments direct into your bank account. We are required by our banks (and by law) to verify your identity before you can receive payments.

Your personal information is only used to open your account and will never be shared with any other companies or used for marketing.


How do I know when a new job has been posted?

When a new job is submitted we match service areas and categories to what you set in your Shop Front settings. If matched you will receive automated email and/or SMS notification for new jobs. You can enable and disable the notifications in your Account Preferences.

You can still browse the site and submit proposals for jobs if you haven’t been notified.

I don't want to use my Shop Front for jobs, how do I disable notifications?

In your Account Settings page you can disable notifications for jobs. You can still submit proposals for jobs but you won’t receive email or SMS notifications.


How can I view my earnings and payment status?

Jobs and orders are grouped into Payment Invoices. Go to your ‘My Shop / Payment History’ page to view your Payment Invoices. Payment invoices can be marked as follows:

  • Active – new jobs and orders are being added to this payment invoice
  • Pending – the invoice is closed and pending payment
  • Paid – the invoice is closed and payment has been made

You can download a CSV file that contains details for all transaction from the Payment History page. You can open this in Microsoft Excel or your accounting software.

Are there withdrawal fees?

No, our service includes the cost of charging credit cards and the cost of transferring money to your bank account.

When do you transfer my payments?

We settle Payment Invoices on the first day of the week (excluding bank holidays). Outstanding jobs or orders must be completed and listed in the Active Payment Invoice in your Payment History page by 18:00 on the previous Sunday night.

Payments are transferred using the UK BACS system which takes three days to clear, so you should receive the payment by Wednesday or Thursday.

How does tax and VAT work?

As a Shop Front owner you must understand the tax implications of running a business. We cannot provide tax guidance but the following HMRC articles may be useful:

If your business is VAT registered and your customer requests a VAT invoice you must provide one. The VAT should be calculated on the amount you receive not the total amount (subtract OneNear fees). We do not create VAT invoices on behalf of Shop Fronts.

We are required to charge 20% UK VAT on our fees, so the total deduction is 18%. We can provide VAT invoices for you to claim back the VAT if you are VAT registered, bringing the fees down to 15%.

Cancellations & Refunds

What if the consumer wants to cancel?

If the consumer wants to cancel we suggest they contact you first. We would strongly recommend that you cancel the job or order if requested to do so (you may be breaking the law if you don’t). If the cancellation has had an adverse effect please try to resolve the issue with the consumer first.

What if I am unable to complete a job?
  • If you have not been selected by the consumer, you can simply withdraw your proposal. You will not be able to submit a proposal on the same job again
  • If you have been selected by the consumer you can cancel the job. The consumer will be able to provide ratings and feedback, so in order to avoid negative feedback please ensure you only submit proposals that you are able to complete

Terms & Policy

Am I prohibited from providing any services or selling any products?

You can only sell products or provide services that adhere to the Prohibited Products and Services section in our Terms and Conditions. Anything illegal or offensive is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent account closure.

Who owns the content on my Shop Front?

You own and are responsible for the content of your Shop Front profile. It is very important that you do not breach any copyright laws. Please make sure you only upload images and text content that you legally own or have full legal rights to.

Can someone else complete my jobs or orders?

Afraid not, this is a breach of our Terms and Conditions. You passed the Seller Verification process and the buyer is buying from you.

Is there an age limit to start a OneNear Shop Front?

No, but we must receive written confirmation from the parents or parental guardian of sellers under the age of 18. The parent or guardian must accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the young seller. We want to encourage and support young entrepreneurs so don’t be put off if you’re young!

Who will I work for?

You will work for yourself and you will not work for OneNear. OneNear provides a platform for you to build your business and we provide an interface between you and your customers.

You are fully responsible for your OneNear Shop Front and personal tax affairs. Please ensure you thoroughly read and understand our Terms and Conditions.

Can I be a buyer and seller at the same time?

Yes of course, when you first register you will have a buyer account. Once you’ve completed the Seller Verification process you’ll also be able launch your Shop Front. If you register as a buyer you can upgrade your account in you Account Settings.

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How do payments work and are they safe?

Our escrow payment system protects both the buyer and seller. When you purchase a product or service from a Shop Front, or select a wining Shop Front for your job, we charge your card and hold the money on behalf of you and the seller.

  • Your payment to the Shop Front is released when you mark your order or job as complete
  • The Shop Front can mark your order or job as complete, but the payment won’t be released for fourteen days (the seller should always mark as complete)
  • If the order or job is cancelled by the Shop Front you are refunded in full

OneNear is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (UK financial regulator) as a Small Payments Institution. Under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (Firm Reference Number: 598927) we have been granted permission to provide money remittance services. You can verify our registration on the Financial Services Register.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa Electron. We will offer additional payment methods in the future.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

When you purchase products or services from Shop Fronts on OneNear you will see OneNear.com followed by the job or order number on your card statement.

If you have any questions or queries regarding charges please contact us.


What if I want to cancel my order?

You may cancel your order before the Shop Front accepts it. After they accept (mark as in-progress) you will need to contact the Shop Front to request cancellation to receive a refund.

If the Shop Front is unwilling to cancel the order and if you are unable to resolve the issue you can raise a dispute or contact us.

What if I want to cancel my job?

If you no longer want your job completing and you haven’t selected a Shop Front, you can simply cancel it.

If you have selected a Shop Front you must contact them to request cancellation. If the Shop Front is unwilling to cancel the job and if you are unable to resolve the issue you can raise a dispute or contact us.

Delivery Time

Delivery for Orders

For bookable services the delivery time is the time slot you have booked or agreed. If you have purchased a service or product without a specified delivery time the Shop Front must deliver within fourteen days unless agreed otherwise.

Delivery for Jobs

Before you can pay for a job you will receive proposals and can optionally discuss the job in more detail with Shop Fronts. We recommend waiting to receive proposals so you get the best value and quality. Only when you select a Shop Front is your card charged.

Under normal circumstances we recommend selecting a Shop Front no more than fourteen days in advance of the job start time. The delivery time for jobs is the period from when you select the Shop Front to the job completion time.

Terms & Policy

Why can't I just book direct?

Making payments through OneNear protects both the buyer and seller. All business conducted through OneNear must use the OneNear payment system, which has many benefits:

  • Ratings – the Shop Front will lose stars and smiles ratings that help them win more business and compete with other Shop Fronts. The job selection, search engine and marketing systems select Shop Fronts based on ratings
  • Availability – a Shop Front may not always be available to fulfil a service
  • Skills and diversity – OneNear provides a broad and expanding selection of Shop Fronts and a single Shop Front may not have the required skills or be the best fit
  • Security and escalation – the consumer and Shop Front can use our Dispute System to resolve issues
  • Uncomfortable cash exchanges are not required and payments are released from our escrow payment system only when you’re happy
  • Easy to use centralised platform – one place for all jobs and services
  • Breach of Terms and Conditions – bypassing OneNear for payments is against our Terms and Conditions for Shop Fronts
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How can I get support?

If you are unable to find the answer in our FAQ or Blog; please contact us and provide as much information as possible.

What if a Shop Front doesn't deliver the agreed service?

You can dispute the job or order and we will refund your money. Hopefully the Shop Front will offer an explanation, if you still feel disappointed you can leave negative ratings and feedback for them.

Who can I contact for help?

For queries about jobs and orders your first point of contact should be the Shop Front. You can contact them by clicking ‘Send Message’ on their Shop Front profile, or by using the message icon in your My Dashboard pages.

For other issues please contact us and provide as much information as possible. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. If necessary please ensure you include your telephone number so we can contact you.

How does your dispute process work?

From time to time things do go wrong. First we encourage buyers and Shop Fronts to resolve the situation themselves. It’s also important that you communicate using the OneNear messaging system in order for us to assist.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, OneNear can mediate your dispute. You will need to complete the Dispute Form. If there is a clear decision we will favour that. If it is not possible to reach a decision we will favour the consumer. OneNear reserve the right to make the final decision.

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