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Fiona Maccabe Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sutton, Surrey
Fiona Maccabe Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sutton, Surrey
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Fiona Maccabe Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sutton, Surrey
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Sutton, Surrey, SM2
Mrs Fiona Maccabe
Fiona Maccabe Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sutton, Surrey

I am a BACP accredited counsellor trained in psychodynamic therapy, brief counselling, addictions counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) . I have over 10 years experience in the NHS and volunatry sectors, working with people of different cultures and ages for a wide range of problems.

Why Choose Us

I aim to provide informed therapy and a safe. accepting relationship, that is both caring and challenging, to help people heal, change and grow.

Our Guarantees

BACP accredited UKRC registered Fully insured

About Us

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My Therapeutic Approach
I work integratively and relationally, drawing on insights from the three main theoretical traditions: psychoanalytic, humanist and cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT)). I take a holistic approach to therapy and believe all approaches have something to contribute but that no one theory does justice to the complexity of each person’s needs. I value flexibility and adapt my approach to the particular person I am seeing.

Personal Experience
I have also walked my own therapeutic journey which influences my professional practice. Like others I began with looking at myself, recognising I had problems which would not go away by themselves and asking for help. So I know what a huge step that can be. I also have a personal understanding of the many ups and downs that pursuing long-term change often involves.

Vision and Values
I believe most therapy ultimately involves helping people discover more about who they really are. One of my favourite quotes:

‘It is better to know who we really are,
With the darkness inside us
And then to accept and face up to it
Than to pretend it does not exist…’

Jean Vanier, The Broken Body

I believe it is by finding the courage to face and not avoid sometimes painful truths that we become able to live more fulfilled and joyful lives. It is the truth which sets us free.

My Qualifications and Experience
Certificate in Advanced Counselling Skills, New Paradigm Training, 2003
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, East Surrey College, 2005
_Postgraduate Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) _, Royal Holloway, London 2015

Each year I attend a variety of workshops on a specialist topics to ensure my knowledge and skills remain up to date. I am also a believer in lifielong learning and am always looking for opportunities to grow and improve in my work.

From 2003-7 I was a volunteer counsellor providing long-term psychodynamic therapy to individual adults. From 2006 I was also an assessment worker for two charitable organisations. From 2004-6 I counselled at Equniox Substance Misuse Services. I have been employed as an NHS primary care counsellor since 2006 where I have worked with people on many kinds of issues and at different levels, and in Occupational Health counselling since 2015.


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