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FitPro2U Personal Training
2 Sessions per week X 1 month
2 Sessions per week X 1 monthhttps://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/028/181/large/ID-10033164.jpg?1427030273300.0GBP300.0999In stock
3 Sessions per week X 1 month
3 Sessions per week X 1 monthhttps://onenear.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/p/listings/icons/000/028/182/large/ID-10033163.jpg?1427030275400.0GBP400.0999In stock
FitPro2U Personal Training
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FitPro2U Personal Training
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Harrow, Harrow - Greater London, HA1
Karim Kinch
FitPro2U Personal Training

Here at FitPro2U we train you one on one or in small groups, no more than four people at a time. All of the programmes are led by our master trainers and tailored to your individual fitness goals

Why Choose Us

We are on a mission to get as many people in great shape as possible. We are highly results-driven and work very closely with our clients to ensure results

Our Guarantees

The same principles used by Hollywood stars, bodybuilders, figure competitors, fashion models and Olympic athletes to torch fat and build lean sexy bodies.

About Us

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You have decided that you are going to finally get serious about achieving your fitness goals. You visit the nearest high street gym and are quickly talked into signing up for a membership by one of their well trained sales team.

On your first day you are shown quickly how to use a few pieces of equipment and then pretty much left to your own devices. You continue for a few weeks trying to figure it out for yourself and finally give up in frustration.

How You Are Being Conned

If this is you, you need not feel to bad as this is exactly what they want you to do. You see; the big gym chains rely on signing up as many members on yearly contracts as possible and actually have far more members then they can actually fit in the gym. It is in their interest to have you give up using their facilities but to continue paying. This is how they make their money.

Have you bought every diet book you can get your hands on only to end up disappointed and fatter then you were before.

Apart from the fact that yo yo dieting just doesn’t work, the fat loss industry is a multi billion pound industry driven by profit not results. Sensation and novelty are the driving factors behind many of the new “dietary discoveries” touted in these books and the goal of the author is simply to make as much money as possible.
Once you have paid for the book they have no more interest in you or your problem.

And finally

What about all those exciting sounding gadgets advertised on the shopping channels promising to magically melt fat away and give you the body of a fitness model in just a few minutes a day? I think you get the point…

So what is the solution?

Well the fitness industry is made up of two types of people, those who are motivated purely by profit and see the fitness industry as an area ripe for the picking and those who are passionate about health and fitness and genuinely want to help as many people as possible.

I started FitPro2U because I was fed up with the way people are being treated by many of the big players in the fitness industry. I originally got into this industry because I wanted to help as many people get into great shape as possible, but quickly became disillusioned by what I saw :

Big Box gyms treating people like commodities
Unscrupulous writers publishing one useless fad diet after another
Inexperienced trainers giving clients dangerous exercises and encouraging bad technique

Gym members joining in good faith only to give up three months down the line, disappointed and disillusioned
So I decided to leave the big gyms to their own devices and create a business model that puts the client first.

A model based on delivering real world results not selling false promises.


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