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Hair Extensions by KIRILL
Remy Cuticle Hair
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Hair Extensions by KIRILL
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Hair Extensions by KIRILL
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  • Beauty > Hair Dressing
23 Noel Street, Soho, London
Kirill Kirill
Hair Extensions by KIRILL

Hair Extensions by KIRILL is revolutionizing hairstyle by providing the excellent hair extensions to its clients. People are increasingly use them to have a noticeable makeover of their hair, which inescapably wow the public.

Why Choose Us

Kirill has years of experience as a hair extension specialist and he provides innovative hairstyling to woman.

Our Guarantees

100% human hair extensions with no glue, no heat and no sewing involved.

About Us

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Kirill is the owner of the luxurious salon, located in central London area (Closest tube station: Oxford Circus, Exit 8), offers his trademark ‘Advance MicroBonds’™ services which is the best solution for the woman who need permanent hair extensions. No matter whether you are talking hair extension in London or hair extension in UK, it is obvious that Hair Extensions by KIRILL can have a stunning impact on your look.


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