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I am Good piano and Chinese teacher
Piano lesson
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Piano lesson
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Chinese lesson
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I am Good piano and Chinese teacher
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I am Good piano and Chinese teacher
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London, London, N1
Lam Hoi Yung
I am Good piano and Chinese teacher

I have got Trinity LTCL Piano Recital Diploma and two year piano teaching experience. I can teach piano students from grade one to grade eight.

I am also a native speaker of Chinese! I can teach from primary level to adult learner level!

Please feel free to contact me!

Why Choose Us

I am experienced and patient with students. I can speak in fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Our Guarantees

I will make learning piano a happy and interesting thing!

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I am a good teacher of piano and Chinese!

I have got Trinity LTCL and ATCL Piano Recital Diploma and two year teaching experience. I have been a part-time piano teacher in Hong Kong for two years. I worked for the biggest franchise music education company, Tom Lee Music Foundation in Hong Kong. I also had private students.

I am outgoing and patient with students. I can also speak fluent English, Chinese and little Korean and teach students from different cultural background.

Chinese/ Cantonese:
I am a native speaker of Cantonese and also able to speak in Mandarin fluently.
After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong , I have been a news reporter for six years in Hong Kong, working for Commercial Radio and Cable TV respectively. I have also been a Beijing Correspondent.

I am now studying at SOAS, University of London, majored in Taiwan Politics and want to find a part-time job to support my study. I also want to meet some local people to share our experience and culture.

Please feel free to contact me!


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