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iEssentia ~ Life and Image Coaching Company
iEssentia ~ Life and Image Coaching Company
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iEssentia ~ Life and Image Coaching Company
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  • Emotional Wellbeing > Counselling & Life Coaching
Blackheath, Lewisham - Greater London, SE3
Paulette Bell
iEssentia ~ Life and Image Coaching Company

Welcome to iEssentia

We are a Life and Image Coaching company. Our unique 3 Steps formula helps you to master Your Life, Your Style, Your Image and know what it’s like to truly embrace your Passion, Purpose, Self Love and Successful Dressing.

Why Choose Us

You will identify your unique image, learn to understand its personal impact, and see it in action.

Our Guarantees

You will leave our session/workshop knowing how to look enthusiastically into any mirror, and fully recognise and cherish the person staring back at you.

About Us

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Self-love, self-forgiveness, authenticity, and inner beauty turned outward: these are just a few of the things that everyone needs in order to enact change in their own lives. However, discovering these things without help can feel like an insurmountable task.

That’s why I have committed my life’s work to helping beautiful people like you discover and experience all their best qualities.

Hello! My name is Paulette Bell. iEssentia is the demonstration of my passion for bringing out the natural beauty that we all possess.

iEssentia is really all about YOU, but my clients often ask about how I (and my business) arrived at that point. So, here’s my story:

Early in my career life, my passion for image and style pointed me toward becoming a beauty therapist – and I expanded upon that with an international makeup artistry qualification. As a budding image professional, I trained in the areas of colour analysis, ladies’ style, male grooming, wardrobe planning, and personal shopping. From there, I moved on to corporate branding and neuro-linguistic programming.

Fifteen years of training and industry experience have provided me with the advanced image tactics necessary for my clients’ success – but those years have taught me so much more than the practical. I have learned to look inside the individual, and to dress him or her to reflect their authentic selves with something I call a ‘Successful Dressing Signature.’ I have learned to remedy the tendency of people to fall back into old habits – particularly when faced with life’s difficulties. I have also discovered a formula for effective communication, in which the exchange of energy results in dynamic success.

Discoveries like these, along with my own financial investments, have led me to develop the iEssential model, which includes the transformational and coping tools necessary for success in life – both personal and professional.

I’m often asked, “Why have you chosen to work as a coach?”

Through networking and simply living my life, I discovered that a staggering number of people were not living their personal truths. They have so much to share; so many valuable messages to impart – but those truths were either being lost in everyday clutter or the confidence to share wasn’t there. This prompted me to ask, “Why?” What I found would change the course of my career.

I discovered that, in an overwhelming number of cases, the people who were having the most trouble with confidence, forgiveness, success, peace…these were the people who had not aligned their inner realities to their outward expressions. In some cases, style and colour conflicted with personal truth. In other cases, masks were intentionally worn to suit situations, rather than to suit inner selves.

I coach because it gives me the opportunity to help people become the best versions of themselves – and nothing is more satisfying.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

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