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Janos Fabian, Solo Singing Lessons
Janos Fabian
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Janos Fabian, Solo Singing Lessons
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Janos Fabian, Solo Singing Lessons
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  • Learning & Improvement > Music Lessons
Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2
Janos Fabian
Janos Fabian, Solo Singing Lessons

Available Singing Lessons with wide range of style for beginners and professionals!

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My name is Janos Fabian , I’m a qualified (BA degree) solo singing teacher and performer with college solo singing teaching and theater performing experience.

About my methodology:
As a voice teacher I work with student singers to improve the various skills involved in singing. These skills include breath control and support, tone production and resonance, pitch control and musical intonation, proper formation of vowels and consonants, blending the various high and low ranges of voice as well as attentiveness to musical notation and phrasing and the learning of songs.


Singing Teacher at Portsmouth College (2014-present)

Lecturer of Solo Singing at College of Eger, Hungary (2011-2012)

Singer at the National Theater of Miskolc, Hungary (2009-2011)


Solo Singing Teacher and Performer of Vocal Chamber Music, obtained a BA degree at 2009 in The Conservatory Bela Bartok of The University of Miskolc, Hungary.

The CLASSICAL and POPULAR (MUSICAL) STYLE lessons are available for children and adults, beginners and professionals!

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