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Botica Mobile Spa
Botica health and beauty treatment
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Grounding Hot Stone
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Botica Mobile Spa
  • Body Wellness > Massage
Botica Mobile Spa
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  • Body Wellness > Massage
Chalk Farm, Camden - Greater London, NW3
Adriane barbosa
Botica Mobile Spa

Contemporary bodywork goes further than simply relieving muscle tension or providing relaxation. We are focus on balance mind and body . Each healing ceremony draws from ancient practices. Treatment ingredients are derived from premium sources carefully selected according to quality.

Why Choose Us

Botica offers different wellness therapy to provide high quality health to individuals tailored to provide a client an exceptional treatment.

Our Guarantees

I employ diverse techniques from around the world and is very skilled at combining her technical abilities with heightened sensitivity, awareness and intuition

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Authenticity and passion is the values which we stand for and which I try to live my live by.
What I want to share with my clients how to accessing total relaxation through bodywork, a gentle process of deep inner healing can take place. It is a great gift to us to see how much our clients regularly benefit from these approaches.


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