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North Finchley, Barnet - Greater London, N12
Valerina Brookes

What you think of yourself and your life often becomes a pattern. Unresolved patterns can surface as mental or physical illness, emotional problems, attitudes or behaviour that can limit you. The Metamorphic Technique is a catalyst for releasing this energy!!

Why Choose Us

It can work for everyone, at any stage or in any circumstance e.g. pregnancy, children and babies, the elderly or terminally ill.

Our Guarantees

I am very professional in my attitude and manner towards my clients and work ethic, and this is self-evident from my client testimonials.

About Us

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Of all the holistic therapies and practices I have tried and trained in over the last 20 years, Metamorphic Technique is currently the most powerfully aligned to my energy and practice. It has changed me, and I have seen it subtly and profoundly change others.
As someone who is genuinely interested in the perspectives and feelings of others, an empathetic listener and a warm, sincere person, I have really connected with this technique and the people I have helped. I would love to help you to realise your potential and to enable you to live the life that is in keeping with your true nature.

Metamorphic Technique is unique in the way that it helps you to transform your own energy patterns. It profoundly empowers you to move past your limitations, move forwards and to realise your innate ambitions.

It is gentle, non-invasive, safe and no clothing apart from footwear is taken off. A session lasts just over an hour, but this can be changed to suit your particular needs. A light touch along specific spinal reflex points on your feet, hands and head is applied. You can receive the full treatment sitting down or if you choose to lie down, you receive treatment on your feet and hands and sit up for your head points. Some people go into a very deep space and may fall asleep, others prefer to chat. It works best however you feel most comfortable.
After Metamorphic Technique sessions, many people have reported emotional or physical changes to their health or a shift in their life situation. Just some of the benefits people have experienced.

•improvements in various aspects of health
•increasing energy and confidence

•releasing old habits and letting go of past hurts
•a growing sense of purpose, inner peace and strength
•having a sense of being at home with yourself and feeling more at one with life.

At Work
•accessing new skills and talents
•clarity in decision making or making a new start
•tackling stress and going with the flow of life
•improving relationships and boosting morale and productivity

Without having to practice any specific techniques afterwards, the session starts to transform you on a deep level. Depending on what you would like to gain from your session, you may just want one session or you may want follow up sessions. Your initial consultation will guide you.

I offer sessions at your home or if you prefer I can utilise a Salon space but please bear in mind that my fee will be more expensive due to hiring a room. I currently work in North Finchley and the surrounding areas.


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