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Mireia Bass Lessons
Bass Guitar Lessons
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Bass Guitar Lessons
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Guitar Lessons
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Guitar Lessons
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Music Theory
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Slap it!
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Walking bass lines
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First Guitar Chords
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First Guitar Melodies
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Walking bass lines
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Mireia Bass Lessons
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Mireia Bass Lessons
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South Tottenham, Haringey - Greater London, N15
Mireia Carbonell
Mireia Bass Lessons

Mireia has more than 8 years experience teaching in private music schools in Barcelona. She likes to adapt her lessons to student needs in order to improve their level and help them to enjoy their learning process. She teaches bass guitar for all levels, guitar for beginners and music theory.

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I offer a personalized service and adapt to students' demands to teach the contents of their interest.

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Mireia Carbonell is a bass player based in London since 2013, she graduated as a bass player at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) on 2010 and she moved to Netherlands

Since 2002 she’s been working as a music tutor till nowadays and she performed with several bands in Spain, Netherlands and UK.

Throughout her career Mireia worked as a bass player in a dance orchestra, musical theater, circus company and she played with jazz, funk pop and world music bands. At this moment she is working as a session musician for Guitarminator artist.

She studied with bass players as Jordi Ruiz, Ignasi Zamora, Gary Willis, Josep Pérez Cucurella; the piano player Ignasi Terraza and did a mentoring program with drummer Lucas van Merwijk.

As a music teacher, Mireia likes to adapt to the student needs and improve his level trying to enjoy the learning process and helping them to acquire new skills playing different music styles (funk, pop, rock, jazz, etc).


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