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my rebuild personal training
Personal training
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Personal training
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Personal training
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Personal training
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my rebuild personal training
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my rebuild personal training
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London, Greater London, SE5
Dinesh patel
my rebuild personal training

Personal training for weight loss, fitness, toning, boxing and wellbeing at affordable rates in South East london. I am highly experienced and have worked with dancers, models, actors and theatre performers. I have the knowledge, experience , energy and passion to make your training sessions awesome

Why Choose Us

Why choose me? I offer a highly professional service that comes to your choice of location. I can get you to your goal in the most fun and efficient way.

Our Guarantees

I guarantee you will enjoy your sessions, even when they are tough. I also guarantee you will feel your improvements physically and mentally

About Us

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I’m Dinesh, I live, breathe, sleep and eat health and fitness. I want to use what I have learnt over the last 20 years, to get you into the shape you want to be in.

I offer a mobile personal training service, that means I can get you into shape working around your valuable time, while giving you the ultimate level of convenience.

I like to keep things simple, when you train with me your sessions will get tough, but rest assured they will be as efficient as possible. I believe all sessions should be fun, and always ensure they are.

My infectious levels of motivation and energy allow me to drive you through your barriers when it comes to training and diet. I study your diet and apply feasible tweaks to it to compliment your training.

I also offer boxing and self defence, as well as callisthenic aesthetics training.

There’s no excuse to put it off any longer, it’s your body and mind and its the only one you have, and you deserve to be the best you can be.

Get in touch and start your rebuild!


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