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Multilingual Tutoring & Translation
Private Tuition (incl. travel)
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Private Tuition (local)
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Multilingual Tutoring & Translation
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Multilingual Tutoring & Translation
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  • Learning & Improvement > Specialist Tuition & Academic
Greenford, Ealing - Greater London, UB6
Nick Diakanastasis
Multilingual Tutoring & Translation

Trilingual freelance tutor and translator in West London.

Why Choose Us

I'm a switched-on professional who is flexible and can adapt to my clients' needs and is happy to think outside the box. And working with my is never boring!

Our Guarantees

A job well-done, transparency, punctuality, and high-level skills combined with an in-your-face enthusiasm for what I do.

About Us

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My name is Nick and I’m a freelance tutor and translator.

I’m half-Swiss, half-Greek so both German and Greek are my mother languages, and I studied English Language and Literature – I also am a classically trained actor, having an MA in Acting! I am passionate about languages and combine my linguistic skills with my people skills and creativity to provide a unique package.

  • PRIVATE TUITION: I have experience teaching both children and adults up to A-level, so whether you are a professional looking to acquire some new language skills for your job or a student who needs help with exams, feel free to get in touch. My students are a diverse bunch, ranging from sailors to high school students, to opera singers!
  • TRANSLATION: I have experience in translating to and from all three languages that I speak, both professional level and colloquial. I have translated , among other things, CVs, websites, short stories and business correspondence. Feel free to get in touch if you need help with translating something!

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