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Freelance Videographer
Freelance Videographer
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Freelance Videographer
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London, London, SE17
Nicolo23 Riboni
Freelance Videographer

I have strong skills in thinking and creating videos for different purposes. From commercial to interviews, going through weddings and live events, I know my way when I operate a camera.
My approach is customer based, understanding what he wants and executing it professionally.

Why Choose Us

I am able to fit in different environments, from companies to family events.

Our Guarantees

Professionalism, quality jobs in a short time are my second name.

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I am a freelance cameraman. I recently graduated from film school in NY where I gained all the technical and creative skills necessary to create a quality visual product. From ideation to editing, I know all the steps and how to use all the equipement necessaire. For some more complex jobs I can come with a crew.
I have high standards for my career and this is why from me you can expect all my dedication and professionalism.
A little bit about my experience: in the past year I’ve worked mostly with companies on interviews, commercials and live events.

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