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Gold Fit
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Silver Fit
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Online At Home Program
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Wayne Gordon
Pace & Go

Explore the wonderful world of Pace & Go, where you can dive in and see exactly what the UK’s leading fitness celebrity couple Jenny Pacey & Wayne Gordon are about!

About Us

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Everyone has their own reasons for making a decision to improve their life through fitness. Most people are concerned with losing weight, improving their health and looking better. With Pace&Go Fitness we can help you be successful, maintain motivation, achieve your goals and enjoy some of the other important benefits that regular exercise and healthy eating can provide.

As Founders of Pace&Go, Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon represent two of the finest fitness celebrities, personal trainers and health & fitness professionals in the UK.

With over 30 years combined experience in the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry. Jenny and Wayne will provide you with all the very latest training, nutrition and lifestyle information.

Jenny trains the female clients and Wayne takes care of the men; they travel to you. There is no need to join a gym, as Pace&Go will bring a huge variety of exercise equipment to your home or work.

The UK’s top personal trainers will train you like an athlete, using their own experiences as world-class competitors to get you in shape fast.


Jenny Pacey is the definition of fit. The athletic brunette’s impressive CV includes being the UK’s leading fitness celebrity & expert, a world-class athlete, celebrity person trainer, model and television presenter.

Also known as Gladiator star, Enigma, Jenny is not only a successful businesswoman, industry-leading consultant, she is incredibly proud to compete internationally for Great Britain. She specialises in long jump. She has also represented GB in the thrilling sport of Bobsleigh.

Having gained a BSc Hons degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Loughborough University. With her striking looks, feminine yet athletic physique, competitive and academic background, modeling and media experience and passion for success Jenny is a force within the fitness and entertainment industry.


With his envious physique and striking looks, Wayne Gordon is a world-class athlete and fitness expert, who’s impressive CV includes being a celebrity trainer, actor, model and sports injury specialist.

Famously known as Doom in the hit TV show, Gladiators, Wayne Gordon has also competed for his country in bobsleigh and has featured in a wealth of media publications.

A successful businessman and industry-leading consultant, Wayne is engaging, articulate and educated. Don’t be intimidated by his shear size, because under his muscular exterior is a kind, soft gentleman. REALLY!!!


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