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The school of fitness & wellbeing
Personal training sessions
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Group personal training sessions
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The school of fitness & wellbeing
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The school of fitness & wellbeing
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London, London, NW10
Germaine ellis
The school of fitness & wellbeing

Good afternoon my name is Germaine Ellis and I’m a personal trainer. I have worked in Brent for the last five years in the fitness industry. As well as coaching football and coaching many different exercise classes


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The School of fitness and well-being is a mobile fitness and health club that creates are personalised environment for everyone so they may pursue their fitness goals. School of fitness and well-being is a family focused health and fitness company. The aim is to prepare clients for success and to help them achieve their fitness goals with the best weight management program. This will be done outside the normal parameters of the gym. School of fitness and well-being will emphasise the importance of a positive lifestyle and promote an effective health and well-being system with in your school. We offer a service that caters to everyone from young children to over 50s .


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