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Sophie's Telemarketing
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Sophie's Telemarketing
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Sophie's Telemarketing
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  • Business & Office Services > Sales & Marketing
David Street, Kent, DA13
Sophie Russell
Sophie's Telemarketing

Why does the telephone still work as a marketing tool? Times change, but at their core, people don’t. We still need the human touch to properly connect with others.

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Telemarketing B2B Telemarketing is what our business is founded on, it being one of the most successful and consistent methods of prospect contact. Through a c

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High Impact We create exciting and powerful campaigns that differ from the competition. Our methods are extraordinarily innovative and effective.


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B2B telemarketing is one of the oldest and most effective routes to your desired market. A recent survey noted that 68% of B2B sales involve some sort of human interaction such as this. This is the core of our business.


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